Mysore Yoga Paris – Closer Together

Savasana: 108 OM

June 06, 2021 Kia Naddermier & Yotam Agam Season 2 Episode 8
Mysore Yoga Paris – Closer Together
Savasana: 108 OM
Show Notes

It´s time to take rest. We prepare our Savasana as if for our most beloved in life. Offering this gift of care and kindness to ourselves. The practice of Savasana is passive, receptive. We allow ourselves to be held unconditionally. Our nest, a divine resting place. 
Now lie down, close your eyes and feel yourself lying on the earth. This is not the time to practice. This is the time to surrender. We sense our body fully supported, received in our  shared space.  As our breath gradually falls into the background, we become receptive to sound.  Listening not just with our ears, but with our entire body. We let 108 divine Oms flow with our breath from the centre of our heart throughout our body and beyond... As our Om breath rolls in and out, we become aware of the oscillation of our inner and outer body, our inner and outer world. Soaked in our own vital life force Prana, we drop into a natural sense of belonging. A sanctuary, a refuge deep within the universe of our own being.

This sound recording is best experienced with headphones to allow for a multi-dimensional listening. 

With love & devotion

x Kia & Yotam

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