Mysore Yoga Paris – Closer Together

Meditation on Sound

April 26, 2021 Kia Naddermier & Yotam Agam Season 2 Episode 7
Mysore Yoga Paris – Closer Together
Meditation on Sound
Show Notes

Perhaps the most accessible gateway to begin a meditation practice is through Mindfulness of Sound. Sounds are always happening in the present moment, they arise, change and dissolve.  We  cultivate a sense of spaciousness for sounds to arise without clinging, rejecting, or being distracted by them.  
Mindful Listening is an Embodied Listening. We don´t just hear with our ears, but we listen with our entire body. Being actively engaged in listening directly attunes us to the present moment. When we listen deeply, we create conditions for awareness to naturally arise.

Thank you for Listening...

With love & devotion
x Kia & Yotam

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