Mysore Yoga Paris – Closer Together

Talk: One Year in our Borderless Shala

March 29, 2021 Kia Naddermier & Yotam Agam Season 2 Episode 6
Mysore Yoga Paris – Closer Together
Talk: One Year in our Borderless Shala
Show Notes

This is a live recording from March 29th 2021, one year since we moved our community to our Borderless Online Shala.

”Personally I feel the Shala and its community have never been more important than this last year. As a refuge, a sanctuary – not in a sense of hiding away from the world, on the contrary: as an active process of placing our practice in the midst of our life as it is right now. Holding space for us to draw from these teachings and practices so that we can move through this incomprehensible time with as much compassion and wakefulness as we possibly can.
I wish to thank all of you who have shown up here, some of you every single week since we opened.  Quite some re-adjustment and re-imagination had to take place for us to make this transition into a virtual space.
I bow to you for your willingness to re-adapt, to create space and to show up for yourself and each other, because there  is something deeper that connects us than physical location. It is thanks to you that Mysore Yoga Paris has survived this challenging year as a community and a Shala. You have shown not only in words but in action that separation doesn´t have to mean isolation.  Instead we can allow distancing to be a form of care. In our hearts we can make conscious choice not to close down bu but to close in on each other. 
For the awakening heart, supporting the practice of those around us, our Sangha is just as important as our own individual path – because the two are entirely interdependent.”

With love and devotion x

Kia & Yotam
Paris March 29th 2021

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