Mysore Yoga Paris – Closer Together

Soundscape: The Borderless Shala

May 29, 2020 Kia Naddermier & Yotam Agam Season 1 Episode 6
Mysore Yoga Paris – Closer Together
Soundscape: The Borderless Shala
Show Notes

This practice sound scape is born out of Mysore Yoga Paris Borderless Online Shala and many elements are recorded during our practice together in this virtual space.
It is meant for you to play during practice, inviting you to tap into the energy of coming together beyond physical location and with shared intention.
It is also a journey into our inner shala - our most intimate space that holds the universe and all beings in its heart.
We begin by counting 12 Ujjayi breaths together before coming to Samastitihi chanting the Ashtanga Yoga Opening Prayer. Kia counts you through the first 3 Suryanamaskar before diving into self-practice. For over 100 minutes we are soaked in Yotam´s gentle Soundscapes opening our practice to our inner and outer landscape.
The music which carry a wide range of frequencies is best experienced with a good sound system or headphones.
Yotam and Kia would like to dedicate this Soundscape to our beloved Borderless Online community - a true lotus flower grown out of the muddiest of waters. 

With love & devotion
x Kia & Yotam

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