Mysore Yoga Paris – Closer Together

Sound Scape: The Shala

March 31, 2020 Kia Naddermier & Yotam Agam Season 1 Episode 3
Mysore Yoga Paris – Closer Together
Sound Scape: The Shala
Show Notes

This practice sound scape is a virtual sound-journey into Kia´s Mysore Shala in Paris and is meant for you to play during practice to give a sense of actually being in The Shala.
We begin by taking our seat in togetherness, aligning body, breath and mind before counting 12 Ujjayi breaths together. Then we come to standing in the sacred midline of our body, Samastitihi. We chant the Ashtanga Yoga Opening Mantra before we dive into self-practice... For one and a half hour we are soaked in Yotam´s gentle Soundscapes that holds and carries us through. Sometimes they help bring us back to the present moment.
We immerse in sounds recorded in the shala: breaths, bodies moving, quiet conversations between teacher and student, and some surprises too...
For those paying attention all the way to the end - you can even hear the buzzer from the old shala on Rue Eugene Varlin in Paris!
Now take practice.

With love & devotion
x Kia & Yotam

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