Mysore Yoga Paris – Closer Together

Pranayama: The Sacred Breath

March 27, 2020 KIA NADDERMIER, YOTAM AGAM Season 1 Episode 5
Mysore Yoga Paris – Closer Together
Pranayama: The Sacred Breath
Show Notes

This is a recording from Kia´s last Pranayama class before the confinement held in Glasgow in February 2020. Kia teaches in the lineage of Kaivalyadham and is one of the first few in the world to receive Kaivalyadham´s highest teaching certification in advanced Pranayama and Kriyas. Here she offers a practice specifically designed to support and balance our immune-, respiratory and nervous system. She is sharing detailed yet poetic insights into these practices, their techniques, effects and the yogic texts from which they are derived. The entire session is held in Yotam´s gentle Soundscapes, helping to focus the mind and relax into the body and breath. When practiced according to the instructions, staying fully within ones own capacity, these Pranayamas can be practiced by everyone and continued at home. Having said that, Pranayama should always be learned directly from a qualified Pranayama teacher within the lineage of Kaivalyadham in order to deepen your practice.

In this session you will learn:
- Focused vision vs peripheral vision and their effect on the nervous system.
- Brahma Mudra technique and practice
- How to cultivate an effortless posture for sitting and Pranayama, and its effect on the heart rate, metabolism and nervous system.
- Extending the exhale, CO2 and its effect on the nervous system.
- Cultivating a 1: 2 breath ratio suitable for Pranayama.
- Vishnu Mudra: Playing the nose - how to manipulate our nostrils for Pranayama.
- Anulom Vilom / Nadi Shodhana technique, practice and effect.
- Textural references from Hatha Pradipika
- What is Unmani?
- Ujjayi Pranayama technique, practice and textural reference.
- Om recitation
- We finish with a beautiful quote by Lama Gendun Rinpoche that Kia chose for her beloved friend Rosina Bonsu (1955-2020)

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